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Secure Payment Processing

At Bandzit we put security at the top of the FAQ list. We chose Stripe as our payment integration partners for 2 reasons - to bring you excellent value for money, and to have unrivalled payment protection. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Click HERE to read all about Stripe security and more

What is Bandzit?

Bandzit is a revolutionary online portal that brings the music industry and the public together in one community. In a nutshell, Bandzit will find you gigs, venues and promoters without having to look for them. Creating events and and promoting them is simple, but Bandzit will actually continue to share events for you, for free. On the flip side, our ticket fees are capped, so the fans will pay less

What makes it different to other third party event portals?

The Bandzit community is just that, a community, not a ticket store. Instead of live events being one off entities, every performance is linked to the next, and builds the foundation of your following and fan base. The portal is designed to keep music flowing, being shared and followed and liked giving you a real insight into how people are reacting to your music

What is Hot Jobs?

Hot Jobs is a unique function to Bandzit, where users can create unique job offer pages, from musicians wanted, to last minute slots at live events, whatever your needs are. Again, you don’t need to trawl facebook to see who is looking for a new bass player. If they are looking, you’ll find it here.

I already use a reliable online event portal.

Bandzit does everything your online event portal does, but with unique functional additions at no extra cost. The community keeps the industry and the fans interacting, and when you create and share your events, our platform intuitively promotes the event for you. Using social interactions, we match users with the profiles and events that truly reflect their interests. This is the live music revolution. You'll also enjoy industry leading payment security, and automated revenue functions that will save you time and hassle.

What does it cost to use Bandzit?

All profiles and functions on Bandzit are free. The only charges that are made are from individual ticket purchases for live events, which are cheaper than the leading suppliers

How does it work for me?

Whether you are a musician looking to play live, or a venue or agent looking to host events, the process couldn’t be simpler. Sign up and create a profile, and you are ready to create events. There are some more detailed pages with info on this, so if you are a Music Fan, click HERE, and if you are a Musician / Venue or Promoter, then click HERE

Can I post my Bandzit events on other online platforms?

Yes, one click will link your event to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and of course re-post what you like on your own Bandzit wall!

What if I dont like something I see on Bandzit?

Tell us immediately. We take moderating the site very seriously, but we want to hear from you. Email us at, and similarly if you have comments or ideas, please drop us a line at

I have a problem with a ticket / event

In the first instance, contact the event owner. This can be found at the bottom right of the event page, and we believe in this music driven community we can resolve most issues at this stage. If you are still not satisfied, please contact We cannot ensure that we can resolve all issues that may be beyond our control, but we will certainly have a go.

Drop us a line

If your question isn't answered here then drop us an email or pick up the phone. We are always looking for ways to update and improve the service

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