Like it, Follow it, Live it!

So how does it all work then...

Starting up a Bandzit profile couldn’t be simpler, but just to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the features at your fingertips, here’s a few tips and hints.

When completing your profile, the more information you can include will direct more accurate matches to your inbox, and ensure you get the best out of what the Bandzit community has to offer. But as a minimum, we need your full name and a cool picture.

The top menu bar will stay with you as you navigate the site. In Your Account, you can register card details if you wish to do so, and also check your gig order history.

The Welcome “username” tab will link to your profile page, displaying all the info you gave us. Scrolling down you’ll find your own Wall, that you will no doubt be familiar with from Facebook. You can post directly here, add links, or share links to profiles and events using the Bandzit button. Any gigs you are attending will be listed in the middle tab, so check out what your friends are up to and spread the word. There’s also an enquiry form, and that’s for anyone that wants to get in touch with you, simple!

My Feed will also be familiar from other Social Media platforms, and once you start following Musicians, Venues and Agencies and of course other Music Fans, the updates they share will appear here for your interaction.

Bandzit is all about the community. The interactions you have shape the way this site works, literally. Band and Event promotion is all driven by your activity on the site, meaning that you get more relevant music sent to your inbox, and music and events are promoted to the people that really want it. This is a social music revolution!

The Home page is pretty self-explanatory, where you can search for Events, Musicians, or Venues. You can be as specific as you want with your search criteria, but at least give us a Postcode as a point of reference. This will take you to the interactive map, showing the Bandzit’s that fall within your search criteria on the map and in list format. You can use the multi enquiry tool to hit people up, or click individual profiles and events.

You will also find the top-rated people on the home page, in the Hot Artists and Hot Events Sections. Get liking to tell us who is really on the up, and again, Bandzit will automatically spread the word!

Once you find the events you are looking for, buying tickets is simple. We have partnered up with Stripe for payment processing, which will keep any costs to a minimum. This is at the heart of what we do, being music lovers ourselves! You will never pay more than £1 for a booking fee, plus the small transaction fee that is taken at the point of processing.

Using Stripe, your payment details never hit our servers, and are processed with the security measures you would expect from a world leader in online payment merchant processing. You can read all about Stripe security and processes HERE.

And that’s it, print off your e-ticket, or keep it on your phone, and get down the front! Don’t forget to come back and spread the word about the bands, the venue and anything else that went on that night.

You are the community – together we are music!